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countdown to next gigs

countdown_pic Die Toten Hosen
Tage wie diese Tour
Dogana, Innsbruck
countdown_pic Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm With You Prague
Synot Tip Arena, Prague


last modified: 2009-apr-27

soundfabrik drafts/sound pieces

and she was [instrumental]
greenland [instrumental]
where to find
hedgehog [without bass]
n610 [cookies and backin'powder-mix]
n610 [going to space-mix]
better time
my guitar
gamma ray
marigold [instrumental]
track 02 [first time at Cordobar]

last modified: 2009-jun-02

favourite soundfabrik tunes

- (min)
- (min)
the diver - marigold (5.36min)
aquaman - marigold (5.48min)
bird - marigold (7.21min)
n610 - marigold (3.20min)
radiothief - marigold (4.50min)
home - marigold (5.11min)


last modified: 2009-jun-05

live stuff

Fly On The Wall Tour 1985
Let There Be Rock - Live In Paris 1980
Live From The Atlantic Studios
Live In Usa 1983 1978
Volts - Prerecordings
Beastie Boys
Live On Little Radio 2007
Rockpalast 98 - Live At The Loreley 1998
Bruce Springsteen
Live In Gothenburg 1985
Crash Test Dummies
Le Voyage - Europe 1994
Live - Recorded In Canada And The Usa 1992 1994
Die Toten Hosen
Live Rock Am Ring 2008
Machmalauter Live In Buenos Aires 2009
Machmalauter Live In Freiburg 2008
Machmalauter Live In Moskau 2009
Machmalauter Live In München 2008
Machmalauter Live In Übersee 2009
Machmalauter Live In Wien 2008
Dire Straits
On Every Stage - Recorded Live In Europe 1992
Foo Fighters
Arena Berlin 2002
Live At Pinkpop Festival 2008
Live At Radio1 Brighton 2007
Live At Reading Festival 2002
Live At T In The Park Scotland 2005
Live In Oakland 2008
Live Rock In Rio 2001
The Demo Tapes - Recorded At Robert Lang Studio Seattle 1994
We Will Rock You - Academy Theatre London 1997
Abacab To The Savoy - Savoy Theatre New York 1981
Afterglowing - LA Forum 1986
All The Help I Can Get Reunion Rehearsals Hammersmith Odeon 1982
Alone Within A Storm - Live Genova Teatro Alcyone1972
But You Can Dance - Live Switzerland Radio 1992
Fiaba - Nassau Coliseum New York 1981
Fugitives From Justice - The Spectrum Philadelphia 1984
Full Moon Over Munich 1992
Giant Live - Giants Stadium New York 1992
Hold On My Heart - Live 1992
Illegal Alien - London 1977 - New York 1981 - Los Angeles 1986
Interview 20 Sept 2007
Italian Tour 1982
KBFH pre-FM LA Forum 1986
Land of Confusion - Live 1987
Live - Spectrum Philadelphia 1986
Live - Stadthalle Offenbach 1974
Live At Earls Court London 1977
Live At EarlsCourt 1997
Live At Music Hall Cleveland 1976
Live At Reichtagsgelaende Berlin 1987
Live Im Circus Krone 1974
Live In Austin 1984
Live In Cologne 1981
Live In Denver 1984
Live In Glasgow 1980
Live In Munich 1987
Live In Paris 1981
Live In Usa - Uptown Theatre Chicago 1978
Live In Winnipeg 1984
Live Olympiahalle Munich 1977
Live Westfalenhalle Dortmund 1987
Lyceum Ballroom 07 May 1980
Outvisible Side - Madison Square Garden 1987
Romeo Show - Felt Forum New York 1973
Six Of The Best
Six Of The Best - Milton Keynes 1982
Strictly Mechanic - Stuttgart Schleyerhalle 1998
That Nice Electrical System - Kemper Arena Kansas 1984
The Invisible Cage - Mannheim Maimarktgelaende 1987
The Sky We Fly
Tour Rehearsals 1992
Turn It On Again Tour Live In Munich 2007
Green Day
Live At Goat Island Aukland 2000
Live At Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam 2005
Live In Chicago 1995
Live Leeds Festival And Live In Bochum 2004
Guns N Roses
Deer Creek Usa 1991
Live In Brisbane 2007
Live In Stockholm 1993
Live In Stuttgart 1992
Live In Usa
Rambo Tapes And Live Ep
Winnipeg Arena Winnipeg Canada 1988
Huey Lewis And The News
Live In Usa 1987
From Down Under To Wembley 1991
Live At La Cigale Paris 2007
Live In Sydney 1992
Live In Usa 1988
Live Sensation San Diego 1988
Mano Negra
Live At Pink Pop Festival 1990
Michael Jackson
Live In Tokyo 1987
Mike And The Mechanics
Live At VH1 Studios 1999
Live In Sheffield 1996
In A Land Far Away Live In Melbourne 1992
Live At Reading Festival 1992
Live Forum 1989
Live In Amsterdam
Live In Rome
Under The Milkyway
BBC Electric Proms 2008
Mtv Unplugged
Peter Gabriel
Live In Berlin 1993
Womad, Cornwall 1993 Master Dat
Phil Collins
A Serious Night In Melbourne 1990
Ann Arbor USA 1983
Cancelled Show in Tampa 1992
Do You Remember
Flaming Youth
Ice Palace Tampa 1997
Live At Entertainment Centre Melbourne 1985
Live At Prins Willem van Oranje Hall Utrecht 1994
Live At Wembley Arena 1994
Live At Yoyogi Olympic Pool Tokyo Japan 1990
Live In Las Vegas 1997
Live In Pittsburgh 1997
Live In Usa - Recorded Live In California 1983
My Yamaha CP-70 Years Vol.1
Rehearsals 1990
Something Happenend On The Way To Sydney 1990
Storytellers 1997
The Fabulous Jacuzzis And One Neat Guy - Perkins Palace 1982
Live In The Usa
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik Live In Munich 1992
Live Freakin' Out
The Cheese Flower Live Trax
Roling Stones
Live At Olympiahalle Munich 2003
Voodoo You Love - Olympic Stadium Munich 1995
Smashing Pumpkins
Acoustic Melon Songs
Live At Stockholm Cirkus 2007
Live Le Grand Rex Paris 2007
Live In Usa 1994
At Live8 2005
Live From Oslo 2000
Mtv Unplugged
Tenascious D
Live At The Roseland Theater 2000
What Goes On
The B52's
Funplex Tour 2008
The Doors
Live At The Matrix Los Angeles 1967
Live in Hollywood
VH1 Storytellers
The Musical Box
Foxtrot Live In Paris
Live In Nijmegen 2008
The Black Show In Augsburg 2004
Achtung Live 1980 To 1988
An Amotional Goodbye - Wembley Stadium London 1997
Astrodome Tour - Live At The Houston Astrodome 1992
Elevation Cologne 2001
Elevation Fort Lauderdale 2001
Elevation Portland 2001
Live At Stadio Bentegodi Verona 1993
Live At The Royal Dublin Showground 1993
Live In Rotterdam 1990
Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles 1987
One Live Baby - Live At Lakeland Florida 1992
Vertigo Tour Live At Croke Park Dublin 2005
Zoo TV - Stockholm 1992
Zooropa Tour Dublin 1993
Zooropa Tour Rehearsals Rotterdam 1993
Velvet Revolver
Live Quilmes Rock 2007
Live In Philadelphia 2001


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